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Smart Strategy In Divorce

Divorce does not always mean a bitter fight. But even in the most amicable split, you can benefit from having a thorough strategy for your divorce. A good strategy considers your needs and hopes and takes measures to pursue them.

As a former colonel in the U.S Air Force, attorney James Frame understands how to take a strategic view. He gets to know his clients, learns about their individual lives and finds out what they want. With that information, he can best create thorough, successful strategies.

Strategic Child Custody Services

When it comes to child custody, the only “winner” should be the children, as the court puts their best interests first. That said, you do still get to have priorities and goals in mind when it comes to child custody and support. Once attorney Frame understands your goals, he can set about weaving them into the developing custody plan.

If there is already a custody plan in place and there has been a significant change in circumstance, attorney Frame can also help you pursue a modification in your existing custody plan.

A Comprehensive Plan For Asset Division

Texas is a community property state. For divorcing couples, all assets acquired during the marriage belong equally to both parties. No matter who earned the income, who started the business or who bought the cars, everything is equally owned in the eyes of the law.

However, a 50-50 division is not a simple one. An equal division does not mean each individual asset has to be liquidated and divided. Both sides negotiate to an equal share. Your priorities here matter as much as anywhere else.

Strength And Intelligence In Family Law Matters

If your attorney secures the custody agreement you want and the assets you most desire, how can you look at that as anything other than a strategic success? Clarity, forethought and legal knowledge are necessities in a family law matter, and that is what attorney Frame brings to the table.

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