A lawyer with the life experience
to relate to you and the legal skill to serve your needs.

Serious Defense For Serious Charges

There is no way to prepare for the stress of a criminal charge. This situation is only made worse because, no matter the length of a sentence or the severity of the charge, a conviction stays on your record permanently.

Attorney James Frame, the founder of J. Frame Law, understands the fear you are feeling. He provides immediate attention to every client and fights to get the best possible result in criminal court.

Immediate Response Time

Attorney Frame has a unique history as an emergency responder. If there is one thing he understands from that time, it is that scared people deserve immediate care. He will get back to you as quickly as possible if you are facing charges such as:

  • First and second DWI offenses
  • Illegally carrying a weapon
  • Assault
  • Criminal trespass
  • Violation of a protective order
  • Marijuana possession

Attorney Frame will provide detailed information as to the possible penalties of your charges and then go to work fighting for your freedom.

The Key Is Communication

As a person facing a criminal charge, you cannot afford ignorance in your defense. You must know where you stand and how your case is looking. Attorney Frame will:

  • Answer each of your questions quickly and completely
  • Review the evidence of the charges
  • Investigate the full circumstances of the crime
  • Provide detailed updates as the case moves forward

He will take every opportunity to get to know who you are. Despite any charges you may have ahead of you, you are still a person. You still have rights. You deserve the care and compassion of a skilled attorney.

Contact J. Frame Law Today

To get started with your defense, call the firm’s Van Alstyne office at 972-845-1316 or send an email. Attorney Frame wants to hear from you and find out how he can best address your issues.