A lawyer with the life experience
to relate to you and the legal skill to serve your needs.

A Unique Attorney For Texans

Criminal law, family law and personal injury law impact the lives of every Texas resident, regardless of their background. Anyone with legal challenges deserves the attention and skills of an attorney who understands their struggles.

Attorney James Frame is not your average attorney. He has been an emergency room (ER) doctor, a paramedic, a firefighter and a colonel in the U.S. Air Force. He takes the lessons of his life and applies them to the law on behalf of his clients.

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Attorney James E. Frame

The Responsiveness Of A Medic

Emergency services personnel, such as firefighters and paramedics, understand the pressure of immediacy. In a legal issue, be it criminal law, personal injury, medical malpractice or family law, you want answers, and you do not want to be left waiting for them.

Attorney Frame has seen firsthand the devastating impact that immediate uncertainty has on people. At J. Frame Law, he gets to work immediately. You will know where you stand and what is to come when you work with attorney Frame.

The Strategic Mind Of A Soldier

The American legal system is adversarial, meaning that you must fight to get what you deserve. However, no fight is winnable without a comprehensive, thoughtful strategy. Fighting without a plan is just being aggressive, and that is not a winning strategy.

Attorney Frame takes you and your goals into account when building his legal plans. You define your best result, and he will craft the strategy to pursue that outcome.

The Skills Of A Doctor

As a board-certified ER physician, attorney Frame understands injuries from beginning to end. He can apply that insight into treatment and recovery to any personal injury or medical malpractice case. He can see through the specious arguments of insurance companies and fight for the truth – and the compensation you deserve.

Real Legal Solutions For Real-World Problems

Finding the right lawyer is not easy. Attorney Frame takes that commitment seriously and fights to make sure you do not regret it.

Reach out to J. Frame Law, in Van Alstyne, Texas, by calling 972-845-1316 or using this convenient contact form.